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Product Design Review

Our PDRs are conducted by experienced engineers to keep you ahead of the curve

Our Product Design Review services help you stay on top of your Time to Market metrics

Our Product Design Reviews (PDR) ensure alignment with your time to market and business goals. One of the reason most business fail to launch is to know that there are critical missing pieces to their product components that are susceptible to operational risks. This results in lost opportunities,

To help you get more visibility and staying within budget, Daily Compliance offers comprehensive Product Design Review.


The Review

Daily Compliance team conducts a PDR and provide a conformity assessment report. Our PDR assess the design, technical data and prototype (as applicable) and quickly identify design and compliance issues that may impact your conformity assessment schedule and budget.


  • An actionable non-conformities list that needs to be addressed
  • An in-depth briefing on how protection concepts are tested and what is expected by the applicable standards
  • Relevant information to keep your staff up to date on the latest compliance developments and best practice
  • Provide a checklist to manufacturers and get them up to speed on the regulations and compliance

How we save time:

  • Daily Compliance team will brief what samples and documentation are needed to complete the compliance process and collect them during the session
  • Detailed report with easy to review missing technical compliance.
  • One on one communication with compliance team reduce time during this compliance process.

                                                                                                                                          Estimated cost savings 

                                                                                                                     Daily Compliance

What is needed to participate in an on-site review?

  • Daily Compliance engineers and product engineers
  • A product technical file (schematics, bill of materials, user/installation/maintenance manuals etc) and prototype as applicable
  • Access to product designers and management responsible for the development project
  • Project team with relevant product information
  • Product with technical documents, BoM, reference manual, prototypes as applicable.