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Our Story

We instituted Daily Compliance for businesses that share our passion and values for doing right by the customers we all serve. For many of us, great customer service isn’t a cost center — it’s an effective marketing tool, a competitive differentiator, and the way we conduct ourselves.


Back in 2015, there were no digital platforms for compliance available that embodied our sense of understanding about the complex compliance world. We

Today Digital Compliance is used by customer-centric organizations around the world, from small businesses to high-growth startups and non-profits. The way we see it, doing right by customers will never go out of style, and we intend to be around for as long as people value that way of doing business


Where did it all begin?

Five years ago,  three compliance engineers based out of San Jose, California decided to start a company. It was a venture formed with passion and with an intent to help bring clarity

What is Daily Compliance’s mission?

Transform the compliance and regulatory process, for good. There’s no guesswork when it comes to what we’re trying to achieve here

What’s it like working at Daily Compliance team?

It’s fun. It’s challenging. It’s rewarding. If you’re ready to do some of the best work of your career, TDC for you.

What are we proud of?

We’re innovative, but thoughtful about it. We update our services a lot, but it’s based on real research. We want to deliver a solutions that meaningfully helps our customers.