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Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

Our EMC advisory services cater to your product compliance with quick turnaround

Our EMC consulting and advisory services save precious time and resources by bundling EMC with other testing and certification needs such as safety, environmental, energy efficiency, performance etc. We work very closely with your product team and liaison with 3rd party testing and certification testing labs and agencies to streamline  EMC certification process.

Our EMC advisory services are across domains:

Telecom and Wireless

Daily compliance team strives to ensure that all the coonucnation and devices are compliant with all radio and telecom requirements. The relevance of these services during COVID-19 times have been immense.

Medical Devices

Our medical team works specifically with testing labs to facilitate flicker and harmonics, Radiated RF, burst, surge, and electrostatic discharge (ESD), and IEC 60601-1-2 4th Edition.


We provide advisory services in sub-assemblies (ESA) and conduct Radiated Emissions, Radiated Immunity, and Transient Testing catering to a wide spectrum of automotive standards such as EU, SAE< OEM.